Spreading the Light of Knowledge

iDev For A Cause‘s mission is to revolutionize the world into addressing human rights and social issues by assisting organizations & individuals to create web spaces for their cause. We will be working with clients’ budgets, and offering discounted and pro bono services. We have submitted our application to become a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the United States and are looking forward to it becoming official! 

iDev For A Cause recently provided our services to Support a Teacher, an idea by one individual that has gone viral within a few weeks with the hashtag #ClearTheList. It has helped thousands of teachers get the necessities they need to teach and add creativity to their class rooms. Click here to read more about this project.

 We are currently seeking donations via Go Fund Me to cover some of our startup costs as we continue to work on new projects. 


Girls Of Wisdom

Two girls diving into the minds of smart people for pearls of wisdom to share with the world. Join us while we create a community where those of with empty shells can find comfort that there are, in fact, pearls to be shared, and that it’s ok to laugh at ourselves.

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Health & Sciences

Humanity Against Disease

Welcome to Humanity Against Disease. We aim to give everyone the tools to engage with the effort against disease by supporting personal health maintenance, collective research, and community outreach efforts.

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Human Rights

مجتمع ميم

Swag blog aesthetic you probably haven’t heard of them, Truffaut wolf meh selvage Vice paleo irony Schlitz. Beard American Apparel try-hard, kogi squid +1 put a bird on it roof party dreamcatcher 8-bit pug occupy asymmetrical. Disrupt pickled synth Williamsburg, Austin direct trade deep v Neutra mixtape asymmetrical VHS.

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Support a Teacher

Attractor theme is extremely customizable, fully responsive and HiDPI ready WordPress theme based on a well structured framework which allows you […]

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Make an Impact

Are you a web developer, graphic designer or have other skills that could benefit our cause? Consider joining our team!
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